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Skywaker and Gelato 45 Los Angeles clones is a great hybrid with genes from the famous Cookie family. Her parents both phenotypes of the popular Girl Scout Cookies and a Sunset Sherbet, also a descendant of the Girl Scout Cookie.

Skywaker and Gelato 45 Los Angeles clones is a deep forest green strain. That has traces of dark blues and a light coat of visible trichomes. Its scent is similar to pine while having sweet. Earthy notes with a flavor that leans more towards its earthy side. We know that two of its parent strains are Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. However it has more genetics stemming from one other unknown parent.

Skywaker and Gelato 45 Los Angeles clones is believed to be aCalifornia-bred, decently potent (THC levels reportedly exceeding 20%.

Smoking this literally feels like you are getting nice warm hug from the weed. Mood-improving, physically-comforting, sociable and talkative, (most agree) Indica-Dominant afternoon/evening hybrid blend of Sunset Sherbet. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Hungry and sedating, this earthy, fruity, pine and Kush-y strain often fosters slumber.

Plant feature:

 We know that two of its parent strains are Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies; however it has more genetics stemming from one other unknown parent.

Gelato 45 clone tastes sweet with hints of caramel and cake. With medium smoke density consistency, Gelato 45 aka “Larry bird” is known to be a “creeper bud,” meaning it will take a few minutes for the effects to settle in. Once it hits you, it brings a calm euphoria along with it.

Los Angeles Gelato 45:
Gelato 45 clone is not one of those overpowering mind-numbing strains. It enhances your senses and puts you in a “feel good” state. Being a 24/7 smoker, I am not easily impressed, especially when it comes to “common” strains. However, gelato 45 is not one to disappoint.

8 to 10 weeks,
With a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the environment, this is an ideal weed for outside which must be harvested at the beginning of October. This Californian weed not only has a fantastic slightly minty ice cream flavor, but thanks to its enormous percentage of THC makes for an incredibly powerful experience.

Effects of Skywaker and Gelato 45 Los Angeles clones :

An excellent hybrid strain with a sweet and earthy smell and taste, it’s great to get you going for the day or to make you productive. Its effects can leave you with bouts of laughter and erase pain and tension, and is a great choice for the treatment of anxiety and depression, with an added benefit of numbing mild to moderate pains.

Gelato 45 Los Angeles clones :
It does not only smell or tastes good; gelato also is beautiful to look at. Bright orange hairs with sparkling white resin coats the dark purple hues of its small buds ,Those that have tried Gelato 45 have described its effects as mood-enhancing, often leaving the consumer ready to socialize and enjoy a good conversation.

Because Fans have also stated this strain can sometimes cause small bouts of the giggles. So watching funny movies or playing fun games may become seemingly more entertaining. while trying Gelato 45 clone. Someover  consumers that have tried this strain, and  as an alternative therapy have claimed it can help alleviate mild pain throughout the body or reduce anxiety or depression. Because this strain is a hybrid, effects will vary between indica and sativa sensations and can be different for every consumer.