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THC Bomb clones is the signature strain from Bomb Seeds. THC Bomb as its name indicates, it was developed to have high THC levels. ThisThc bomb won’t completely knock you off your feet though. Plants are short but hardy and should mature in 7 to 9 weeks with large yields. Flowers will be large and have an even covering of bright orange hairs.

Strain of The Month” is something we hope to start doing on a regular basis, it will allow us to share details, reviews and other information about the medical marijuana strains we offer to our patients. The kind of information that will help you decide what strain you want to invest your time and money in, that is the best fit for your medical needs and grow experience.

We are starting this off with a patient (and our) favorite, THC Bomb from Bomb Seeds, their original and signature strain.

Similar to Big Bud, you will see really big, rock-hard buds that ends in a larger than normal harvest despite the fact that this is a relatively short plant (great for indoor grows). Add to that are the explosively high THC levels of 20-25% (when grown in ideal conditions). Speaking of growing, this is a very hardy, easy plant to grow (even for beginners) in soil or hydroponically. Obviously those growing outdoors in dirt will experience the largest yields.

Because of these qualities (and others) we confidently recommend the THC Bomb to first time growers.

And when it’s time to harvest your buds will be covered, literally, in frosty white trichromes.

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